What Inspires You?

Behind every great song is a story. Whether your song is inspired by personal experience, an issue you care deeply about, current events, or a tale from the past, let your fans know what they’re singing along to or what they’re vibing with.

If your track is an instrumental, describe the feelings you were trying to capture with your delicate chord progressions or syncopated rhythms. With lyrics, it might be easier to dissect, so go a step further by explaining why it was important for you to get it out in sonic form.

Whether it’s a local band, pals you’ve met on tour, or a billboard charting artist, it’s cool to let your fans know what is inspiring your style. You may have a taste in music that goes beyond your own genre. Surprise fans with what you’re listening to and how it inspires your own musical stylings or helps you get loose after an intense writing session.