Lil’ Maceo, a talented saxophonist, has released a brand new music video called “Evolution”. This song is the title track from his second album, also named “Evolution”, which consists of original music that he recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic. The album aims to bring joy and happiness to the listeners, helping them forget about the troubles of their daily lives. Despite the pandemic, Lil’ Maceo managed to create an amazing collection of songs that will leave a positive impact on anyone who listens to them. The album is set to be released on December 8, 2023.

“Mr. Funky Sax”. This name aptly describes the musical old-school funky, foot-stomping music of Lil’ Maceo. His powerful music has made him one of the most sought-after saxophonists in the industry. This isn’t nickel & dime store this is bona fide unadulterated funk and R&B cleverly crafted by a master musician with hardcore roots in funk, pop, dance, and contemporary jazz. His shows are high energy ultimately compelling audiences to get out of their seats and party. Lil’ Maceo has shared the stage with a host of music giants including Prince, Cyndi Lauper, JT Taylor, Maceo Parker, Nick Colionne, Euge Groove, Marcus Johnson, Cyril Neville, Sinbad, and Gavin DeGraw. He has been mesmerizing audiences nationally since 2001. His music received huge acclaim from critics and audiences alike.